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Vocational Center Kanday
In Kanday Valley high percentage of women are illiterate. The SVSWS Kanday works for the empowerment of women and towards greater gender equity in the region. The first steps was the establishment of vocational center from which to promote basic skills training for professional 
women, advancing their progressive autonomy and empowerment to improve their quality of life and community development. The women learning following courses: Cutting, sewing, knitting, embroidery etc. The centre has become the main place where women can meet, learning various techniques and work skills, sharing their experiences. It was the objective of SVSWS Kanday in the beginning to establish a vocational center for the women fold bother literate and illiterates. The dresses of the school children and all other human were tailored outside Kanday and huge amount on this subject was spent. At last SVSWS Kanday successes to open a vocational center and thank God now the center is producing professional women and have a good name in whole valley. For establishment of vocational center the land was donated by the society and the center is running with its full capacity. 

SVSWS have engaged a master lady trainer for this purpose.